About us

We are a team of consultants specialised in Management Consulting addressed to Italian and foreign companies operating in Italy and the Middle East.
Thanks to decades of experience, we are able to provide assistance to international clients who want to invest in Italy and Italian customers willing to expand their business abroad: targeted research of financial instruments, partnerships and business procurement are our peculiarities.
We provide assistance to all those entrepreneurs willing to open a company in the Emirates, with the aim of obtaining greater international relevance, excellent logistics, efficient banking system as well as taking advantage of total tax exemption.
Our bespoke services range from: formation and registration of the company, obtaining of a resident visa for the entrepreneur and his family, finding of offices and production/commercial spaces and the opening of bank accounts and any other bureaucratic requirement.

Our Services

We carry out a targeted consultancy activity to reach new international scenarios by defining strategies in order to approach new markets. We also provide a complete service ranging from traditional assistance to the company, to tax and financial consultancy, to representation. A valid support to identify new business opportunities abroad and a point of reference for companies that approach foreign markets and look for business opportunities on the spot.

Our goal is to create commercial partnerships and links between supply and demand, both on the domestic and international market, taking advantage of the network of contacts of qualified national and international operators in various sectors. We are able to provide targeted advice to reach new international markets through the support of diplomatic network, mixed chambers of commerce and various other foreign stakeholders who systematically signal us commercial business opportunities originated from buyers and international suppliers.

Our team of consultants, highly specialized in international tax legislation, is able to provide an assessment of the tax profiles of its customers, both Italian and international. It also carries out: tax consultancy in foreign relations and international tax planning, fiscal representation for foreign subjects, assistance in the establishment of companies under the Italian law, assistance for the opening in Italy of branches of non-resident companies, and related subsequent obligations, application and interpretation of EU tax and corporate directives, relations with local financial institutions.
Through our collaboration with the International Free Zone Authority we will assist you in establishing your company in Dubai, obtaining your residency, setting up the logistics and bank accounts opening. Establishing a business in UAE is an excellent way of expanding business horizons, making a global standing and legitimately booking international profits without paying any tax.

Our team of dedicated professionals manages, administers and protects relevant family assets. As global independent advisors we coordinate the financial and administrative activities of an individual, an entire family or a company. In particular we offer: banking and financial consultancy, estate and tax planning, insurance / social security and personnel consultancy, strategic management of companies and / or equity investments, assumption of positions on boards of directors and / or trusts, relocation of private individuals and companies.

The Art world constitutes an interesting investment opportunity which combines profit and passion.
However, the dynamics of this type of investment are extremely complex and therefore require the support of qualified experts.
Our goal is to advise, enhance existing assets and reduce risks in the event of new acquisitions.
Our Art Advisory experts will guide you in all the activities that meet your needs, with particular attention to all those aspects of insurance, legal and fiscal nature, as well as those of a logistic nature such as payments, custody, restoration, transport, customs assistance.

With our work, we’ll help you analyze and plan your financial situation and eventually find the resources for your company with the appropriate credit support tools. We’ll draw up a customized investment plan, necessary to obtain financing and legal advice, we’ll also assist you in accessing the financing, both with the main national institutions, such as Simest and Sace, and at the banking institutions.

Understanding and analyzing the reasons of a business crisis is necessary to identify the most effective strategies for overcoming it in a timely manner. Clarifying the concept of crisis and identifying where the state of decline originated becomes, therefore, fundamental, in order to equip oneself with tools that allow the company to perceive the symptoms of the loss of value and to intervene to increase the chances of success of a rehabilitation process.


Our reliable partners are able to supply state of the art equipment for pipelines, gas duct and plant security. Customised valves and actuators on demand. 

Security is an essential asset nowadays: we’re able to provide solutions and services which grant the highest level of protection and resilience.

We assist dealers, wholesalers and public authorities in equipment and pharmaceutical supply procurement throughout our trusted network (. . .)

Our partners are global supplier of turnkey power plants with a comprehensive offering of the most reliable and best performing (. . .)

Modern infrastructures conjugate environmental and human needs and is reflected in roads, transportation, waste treatment, communities.

We proudly represent some of the best products of the Italian excellence, where ancient traditions and modern industry merge. Crops, fine food (. . .)

We work in partnership with some of the major contractors specialized in turnkey residential projects, commercial and hotellerie buildings (. . .)

With the support of highly reputable Swiss and Maltese family offices and fiduciaries we provide bespoke solutions to the major financial issues (. . .)

Through well established partnership we’re able to fulfill tenders for the supply of contract furniture, equipment and supplies for hotels, ships, yachts (. . .)